Class Number:  201


Technique:  Stumpwork                         Design Area:  8" x 5"

Proficiency Level:  Intermediate           Kit Cost: $60.00

Prerequisites:  Experience with surface embroidery encouraged
Pre-Work:  None

Class Title: Flame Lily
Teacher: Celeste Chalasani


Capture the fiery essence of the Flame Lily as you transform vivid red and yellow silk thread into magical flowers. Let the vibrant colors entrance you as you employ contemporary Stumpwork techniques. You will use wired slip and surface embroidery methods to create the striking flower petals and leaves, needle lace to create the fruit capsules and a wrapped wire technique to create the flower stamen. Your kit includes cream silk shantung, stranded silk thread, felt and wires to embroider the Flame Lily flowers, bud and leaves.  Left handed instructions available upon request.

Kit Contents:  Instructions, cream silk shantung, cotton fabric, stranded silk thread, felt, 33 gauge wrapped wire, vellum and needles.

Student Provides:  Students will also need: 4” embroidery hoop; 12” x 12” Evertite frame or stretcher bars; tacks; 6” ruler; tweezers; light green acid free marking pen; acid free glue stick; mechanical pencil; masking tape; wire cutters; small sharp scissors; scissors for cutting paper and felt; cream colored sewing thread such as Coats & Clark; needle threader; and usual stitching supplies. Magnification is highly recommended.

Class Number:  202


Class Title: Jackpot! Frame Weight
Teacher: Sandie Cormaci-Boles


The Jackpot Frame Weight contains a “Jackpot” of stitching techniques!  The design is stitched on a 10” x 12” cut of 18 count mono canvas using four shades of overdyed silk.  The finished design size is approximately 6” x 4”.  The model is finished as a frame weight, but this design could also be used for a framed piece, pillow or trivet.

The techniques taught are:  stitching with overdyed threads, stitching with silk, laying threads and learning several specialty stitches.  Stitches include:  mosaic, straight cross, bound cross, double Leviathan, cross stitch, rice stitch, long-armed cross, Smyrna cross, ray stitch variation, double straight cross and Milanese variations.

Kit Contents:  12" wide x 10" high cut of 18 count mono canvas, 4 full skeins of hand overdyed silk thread, tapestry needles and instructions

Student Provides:  One pair 12" stretcher bars, one pair 10" stretcher bars, tacks & embroidery scissors.  Optional but recommended:  laying tool, light, magnification & needle threader

Students will choose one of four color ways: 

  1. Purple Happiness (model)

  2. Desert Zen

  3. Ocean Depths

  4. Coral Berry


Design Area:  6" x 12" on 13" x 16" congress cloth

Proficiency Level:  Intermediate                      Kit Cost: $89.00
(student must be familiar with counted charts)  

Class Number:  203

203-Mary Alice Sinton-Bumble Mini Diva W

Class Title: Bumble Mini Diva Wallet
Teacher: Mary Alice Sinton


Japanese bead embroidery is the method used to create the entry-level piece Bumble Mini Diva Wallet. Bead embroidery in the Japanese method incorporates silk embroidery techniques translated with beads. The Tula Pink bumble fabric is available in green, coral or aqua. A variety of tri-cut and glass seed beads were carefully selected so when combined they create a look of three-dimension and shading of each bumble. Coordinating lining fabrics, zipper and mini frame and wallet are included in this kit. 

Kit Contents:  Beads, foundation fabric, coordinating finishing fabrics, Sew Many Creations pattern and wallet frame, zipper, sewing threads, Japanese beading koma made by John Sinton Woodworking, interfacing, Japanese needles, ultra fine needle threader, and color image for reference.

Student Provides:  Clamps or frame stand, 8" x 12" Evertite stretcher bars and tacks, silk pins, awl or tekobari, paper & embroidery scissors and usual personal supplies including lighting and magnification.

Technique:  Bead Embroidery-Japanese Style      Design Area:  

Proficiency Level:  Basic                                       Kit Cost: $151.00

Pre-Work:  None

Class Number:  204

204-Margaret Bendig-Deck the Halls.jpg

Technique:  Counted Canvas      Design Area:  13" (2 1/2" around design)

Proficiency Level:                       Kit Cost:  $135.00 includes postage to

Pre-Work:  Yes                                                 student (US) for prework

Class Title: Deck the Halls
Teacher: Margaret Bendig


This little Christmas sampler is composed of multi-colored laid thread pattern corners with Christmas ornaments surrounding a holiday wreath. A Christmas Tree ornament, Bargello ornament and two decorative packages fill the blocks touching the center wreath. The design is surrounded by a red, white, and gold border. The border is stitched with Entice and metallic ribbon. This design may be framed or used as an insert for a small tray. Lots of holiday cheer!


Finished size ~ 8” square on white 18 count canvas

Kit Contents:  13” (2½” around design) 18-count white mono canvas, Kreinik, Soft Sheen, Entice, Silk Lamé Braid, Treasure Braid, Neon Rays Plus, Anchor Floss, Splendor, Instructions with color photo, #22 & #24 tapestry needles

Student Provides:  13" x 13" stretcher bars. laying tool, magnification and light if needed

Class Number:  205

205-Kathy Rees-Merlot Mase.jpg
205-Kathy Rees-Merlot Maze 2nd colorway.

Class Title: Merlot
Teacher: Kathy Rees


A four-way rectangular geometric pattern, Merlot Maze is a study in movement,  diagonal lines and stitch combinations. Threads include Caron Watercolours &  Waterlilies, ThreadworX Overdyed Floss, Rainbow Gallery FyreWerks, DMC  Pearl Cotton and Kreinik #12 Braid.


Working on the diagonal, compensation, working with different textures of  threads, multiple overdyed threads, and placement of stitched areas will be  discussed. Stitch selection will also be included as part of the design discussion.

Kit Contents:  Instructions with color photo, line drawn 18ct mono canvas, and threads to complete the design (Caron Watercolours (4) & Waterlilies (3), Rainbow Gallery  FyreWerks, Kreinik Braid, ThreadworX Overdyed Floss and DMC Pearl Cotton)

3 colorway choices

Student Provides:  10" x 14" stretcher bars, tacks, laying tool, magnification light if desired and usual stitching supplies.

Technique:  Counted Canvas                         Design Area:  

Proficiency Level:  Intermediate                    Kit Cost: $95.00
Pre-Work:  None