Jane Ellen Balzuwet

Jane Ellen Balzuwet holds teacher certifications in pulled thread and counted thread with the Embroiderers’ Guild of America (EGA). She has taught at various EGA national and regional seminars, Embroidery Association of Canada (EAC) seminars and for The National Needle Arts Association (TNNA).  She authored correspondence courses for EGA and American Needlepoint Guild (ANG) and designed a petite project for EGA.  Jane Ellen has taught cyber classes for ANG and the Shining Needle Society, designed for Rainbow Gallery and owned and operated a needlework store for 35 years.

Margaret Bendig

Margaret Bendig resides in Santa Ana, California. She teaches needlework throughout the country and in Canada, in shops in California and Arizona as well as for EGA Region Seminars and ANG National Seminars. In these new times, she teaches virtual and online classes as well. Although she loves all needlework, her focus is on counted thread techniques and counted canvas designs.  Her designs have been featured as programs and workshops for many EGA and ANG chapters as well as in Needlepoint Now and Needlepointers magazine and as EGA & ANG online classes.  Margaret began designing and teaching over 30 years ago. She is an enthusiastic teacher and very willing to share her knowledge. She is always looking for an opportunity to use a skill or method in a new way. Margaret believes that we are never finished with our education and should pursue new ideas daily.

Celeste Chassalani

Celeste Chassalani is a designer who specializes in stumpwork and teaches at chapter workshops and at regional and national seminars. She teaches and on-line class for Craftsy.com and an Embroiderers’ Guild of America (EGA) individual correspondence course on stumpwork. Celeste has been published in Needle Arts, Piecework Magazine, and GPR Designers 2012.


Celeste is enrolled in the National Academy of Needlearts (NAN) Teachers’ Certification Program. “Teaching Stumpwork is a labor of love for me. I am passionate about sharing what I know. I approach teaching from the understanding that different people learn in different ways. I strive to provide clear written instructions, with step-by-step color photos, orally explain the technique with color coded visual aids, demonstrate the stitches and techniques, and work one-on-one with each student as they practice their techniques.”

Sandie Comanche-Boles


Sandie hales from Southern California and has taught for all ages and all levels of embroiderers. Her teaching goals are to instruct and truly encourage her students.  She likes to introduce them to new fabrics, threads, embellishments and techniques.  She tries to incorporate finishing, designing and/or needlework history into each of her classes.

Marylyn Doyle

Marylyn Doyle holds EGA certification in silk and metal threads on fabric; but she has explored a variety of needlework to understand the history and unique techniques of each. She has shared these in local, regional and national settings. Her embroideries have been in regional, national. and liturgical exhibits. Marylyn's passion? Sharing with others!

Mary Alice Sinton

Mary Alice began studying Japanese Embroidery in 1990 and traveled twice to Japan to study at Kurenai-Kai. She was certified to teach Traditional Japanese Embroidery in 1999 and Japanese Bead Embroidery in 2004 through the JEC in Atlanta. She taught Young Student’s class at the JEC from 1995-2005. She teaches Japanese Silk & Bead Embroidery in several venues in and around Texas and the central USA. Her teaching schedule and needle art can be seen at https://bluebonnetstudio.com. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from Stephens College of Columbia, MO. She began her needle arts career studying Hawaiian quilting while living in Hawaii for five years. She has won many international awards with her Hawaiian quilts through the years. Mary Alice continues to teach Hawaiian quilting locally in Houston, TX at the Quilter’s Emporium.

Kathy Rees

Kathy Rees learned to cross stitch at fourteen and has never stopped using a needle.  After earning a business degree and working in the corporate world for eight years, she worked in her family’s needlework shop for eighteen years.  Kathy began designing, publishing, and teaching in 2006, specializing in geometrics with an emphasis on color and offering multiple colorways for many of her designs.  She closed her shop in 2011 to design and teach full time.

Kay Stanis


Kay Stanis is an internationally known fiber artist, designer, master Craftsman, and Certified and Graduate Certified Teacher of EGA and Kurenai Kai Traditional Japanese Embroidery.  She has been and will be on faculties of American Needlepoint Guild national seminars, Callaway School of Needlearts, Embroiderers Association of Canada, EGA national and regional seminars, Koala Conventions, South Australia Embroidery Conference, Embroidery 2000 (New Zealand), and many independent groups.

John Waddell

John Waddell has been stitching for over 35 years and is a member of EGA, NETA (National Embroidery Teacher’s Association) and ANG. He has taught at national ANG and EGA Seminars, and classes at Callaway. John was president of NETA in 2005-2006 and 2013-2014. In 2005, he was juried into membership of Fiber Forum and continues to be a member. John is the current president of the Yellow Rose Chapter of EGA in Houston, Texas.


Proficiency Levels

  • Basic/Beginner - No experience with the technique being taught.

  • Intermediate - Knowledge of basic stitches and materials and their uses in the techniques being taught.

  • Advanced - Ability to execute simple and difficult stitches in the technique being taught, knowledge of color and design which will allow for exploration and creativity.