Virtual Classes are new to SCR Seminars.  If you are attending the in-person seminar in Shreveport, you may take one or both of the virtual classes being offered, with not additional registration fees.  You will only pay the class fee and kit fee for the virtual class.  If you cannot attend the in-person seminar in Shreveport but would like to take a virtual class, you pay the Virtual registration fee of $50.00 (includes seminar favors, pin and totes to be mailed with kit) along with the class fee and the kit fee.  You may take one or both classes. The Virtual Classes will be held between July 1, 2022-September 30, 2022.  There will be at least one Zoom class for each class with emails, technique videos, instructions, etc (as needed)  made available during this time by the teacher.  You can work at your own pace and have access to all materials provided on-line until October 31, 2022.

Class Number:  V-1

Technique:                 Design Area: (2) 8" square 18 ct mono canvas 

Proficiency Level:     Kit Cost: $88.00

Class Title: Mr and Mrs Freeze
Teacher: Margaret Bendig


Mr.  & Mrs. Freeze arrive from an unlikely part of the country. We just wish we had enough snow for this couple in southern California. Whether you stitch only one or both it is a fun little project. Mrs. Freeze with her pouty little red lips and Mr. Freeze with his nice wide smile will brighten up your Christmas tree for years to come. Quick and fun, you will be on your way to two new ornaments for your home or for a very good friend.


Mr. Freeze is all dressed up for a stroll with Mrs. Freeze caroling with the family. In his cozy winter scarf and hat he is ready for the season. In class we will get a great start on him and have him ready to celebrate the season with his cheerful smile and twinkling eyes. 

Kit Contents - Mr. Freeze:  Neon Rays Plus #NP135, Chartreuse Kreinik #5760 size 8 (marshmallow), Neon Rays #N01 ~ black, Kreinik #003, red ribbon 1/16​th​ inch, Neon Rays N20 ~ red, Kreinik #005, black size 12 braid, Neon Rays N12 ~ pink, DMC #310, black perle cotton, size 5, #22 & #24 tapestry needles, needle threader

Mrs. Freeze is dressed up in her winter hat and her scarf, all ready to enjoy the holiday season. We will get her started in our virtual class and she will be ready for the first Christmas party of the year. She is composed of specialty threads and fun stitches and patterns to enhance her scarf and cap.

Kit Contents - Mrs. Freeze:  Neon Rays Plus NP138 ~ green ~ hat & scarf, Neon Rays Plus NP136 ~ raspberry ~ hat & scarf, Petite Sparkle Rays PS58   ~ pink ~ hat & scarf, Kreinik braid #5760-8, Neon Rays N20 ~ red ~ nose & lips, Neon Rays N12 ~ pink ~ cheeks, Neon Rays Plus NP62 ~ sky blue ~ background, 2 small black doll buttons for eyes OR​ 12” of black Kreinik Braid #005 size 8 or 12, #22 & #24 tapestry needles, needle threader

Student Provides:  Usual stitching supplies

V1-Margaret Bendif-Mrs Freeze.jpg

Class Number:  V-2


Technique:  Canvaswork, Creative Color Play       Design Area:  8" x 8:

Proficiency Level:  All Levels                                 Kit Cost: $76.00

Class Title: Sticks and Stones
Teacher: John Waddell


Ground:18-count Mono Canvas, various colors

Student works with three circles and three lines
to create an individual design (or a prepared
design). There are twelve different colorways
to choose from. The student makes one single
color choice; the color wheel completes the
palette, and the color triad does the rest! Compound stitches will be used in the design to blend and combine the provided thread colors. Canvas colors will be chosen by the teacher. Six different stitches blend braid, floss and overdyed thread families.

Kit Contents:  Instructions, blank pages, floss, overdyed floss, #12 braid, 13” x 13” colored canvas, black Sharpie ultra-fine marker and needles.


Student Provides: Usual stitching supplies, two pair of 13” stretcher bars, tacks, 12” ruler and a blank or old CD, masking tape, clamp or frame holder, laying tool, pencil and eraser.